Boxing Classes

At Higher Power Boxing Academy, we offer boxing classes conducted by our dedicated and certified boxing trainers. Whatever your skill level is, whether it be amateur or experienced, our coaches will be sure to offer valuable assistance and fitness training to step your boxing game up to the next level and provide quality personal development for everyday life. We offer a variety of classes throughout the week for all ages and levels of fitness. We offer multiple classes a day to fit your schedule: 

Monday- Saturday (Open to All Ages)                      10 AM - 11 : 00 AM
Mon-Friday (7-11 Year Olds)                                        5 PM - 5 : 45 PM
Monday-Friday (12-Adults, Basic Boxing)                  5 : 45 PM - 6 : 45 PM
Mon-Friday (Fighters Class)                                         6 : 45 PM - 7 : 45 PM

Weight Loss

If your goals are simply to lose weight, Higher Power Boxing Academy can help you set up a weight loss program that is sure to help you shed the pounds. With our help as your boxing trainer, we are confident that you can reach your weight loss goals. We will work with you to develop both an effective weight management fitness routine and help you make positive modifications to your eating habits. When you are ready to start losing weight, give us a call and discover the benefits of working with an effective boxing personal training service today!


Higher Power Boxing Academy gains recognition throughout the community for the exceptional guidance we provide in teaching all of your boxing classes. As a professional boxing gym, we offer a wide range of lessons that provide crucial self-defense knowledge. Our boxing classes provide encouragement and the knowledge needed to help you gain the confidence to defend yourself. We guide our students in showing them how to be aware of their surroundings and to diffuse the situation before it becomes a physical confrontation. To learn more about our boxing classes and their numerous self-defense benefits, contact us at Higher Power Boxing Academy today.